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How to distribute GPS points evenly

In How to compare GPS tracks I showed how the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm, originally designed for aligning DNA and protein sequences, can be used to compare GPS tracks. The method I introduced relies on pre-processing the GPS file so that all points are evenly distributed to reduce noise in the data…

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Everyone's a hacker

As an impressionable teenager my image of a hacker was of someone who could use a computer to do whatever they pleased. Not only in the sense that they didn't care for boundaries but also that the boundaries couldn't stop them. Nothing epitomised this more than the ATM hack by…

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Underpaid and my own fault

Twitter is in song about the #talkpay movement initiated by Lauren Voswinkel where people reveal how much they're being paid; the intention, to expose pay inequalities. I added my thoughts on the subject: I've never negotiated a salary because it feels rude to ask for more money. I feel underpaid…

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Shitty first commits

I've been writing this blog for a little over a month. Writing, it turns out, is really hard. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but trying to write something interesting for someone else to read brings about cold sweats, heavy breathing, and suicidal thoughts. Luckily for me the nearest bridge…

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How to compare GPS tracks

Every now and then I get a crazy idea. Most of the time I'm smart enough to ignore it, but sometimes, in a moment of insanity, I convince myself the idea is the best one I've ever had. Two months ago, that idea was to try and run 5km in…

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